• The World depends on a Binary System with

  • IT Architectural views from top to bottom

  • Binding of hybrid OS Platforms

  • Artistic Designs and Branding

  • Concentric Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Network Architecture

  • Limits are those you bring with you

  • Focus Social Media

  • Global Communication eCommerce Systems


A Science and Art is designing networks adopting new technology. Network architecture requires hardware and software in order to accommodate an organizations growing infrastructure, The new technology enables on-demand resourcing using software-defined networking (SDN).

Software interfaces create virtual networks that give better support to an organization's internal users. Our agile development permit programmers to develop at a fast pace. Clients are able to access network resources without having to reconfigure complex networks.

Some of the values of network virtualization are:

• Reduced network resource deployment time

• Self-serviceenvironment enables creating networks easily

• Network management efficiency reduces overall service costs


The new technology is in its infancy and ongoing evaluations are warranted to explore the benefits of deploying Software-Defined Networks. The areas that each client's needs are determined:

• Cases are defined to see which can benefit from SDN implementation

• Quality control to analyze data flow of several SDN architectures

• Enhancing  roles and responsibilities for the employees who will be creating networks in a self-service environment.

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