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Intel Corporation required consultation during replacement of their payroll legacy system with an Oracle based Human Resources and Payroll application. PeopleSoft software was chosen based on prior studies performed. The system being replaced served all of the Corporation and the necessity of producing a check for over 90,000 employees demanded intricate planning as well as an expertise to maintain operation with minimal disruption. Analysis encompassed impact studies of all financial systems and peripheral systems involving Bank of America and Automated Data Processing.

The major points were to maintain the legacy system keeping abreast of the day-to-day operation and designing replacements for functional modules within the new system. Each module being replaced took on a different mode of operation due to the relationship of a mainframe CICS system and the advent of Client/Server modality of the new application. With each new design the limitations of client/server were taken into account, however, the return on investment based on the savings in diverting operation on the mainframe dissipated any shortcomings.

The most important factor in redesigning the system was to incorporate all the business partner's daily functions and their requirements.

The various modules were identified and developed according to specifications agreed by each of the impacted business partners. Environmental studies required a complete development of the quality assurance environment and all the facility of enabling end-to-end integrity of the operational system.

In order to ease the impact of the massive introduction of the new system it was decided to phase-in each of the functional aspects permitting a coexistence with present mode of operation.

Each of the phases permitted a thorough evaluation of the particular functions and enabled the facility of any digression required. Among the different phases the following functions were introduced: bonuses, employee incentive cash bonuses, mergers and acquisitions, Serp and Serp-plus--(Stock Incentives).

System evaluation involved all the business partners as well as the development team members. The importance of the relationship with technical and the non-technical personnel is forged when it arrives at this stage.

Points of discussion were noted and when it required reevaluation of the specifications, those needs were assessed.

The ultimate stage of the implementation is the execution of the system. The Intel Corporation payroll system was successfully executed in the production environment and paved the road for the migration to the new client/server Global Employee Network Information--GENI system. In accordance with the overall plan it was the effort of all business partners, astute analysis of technical team members and leadership of A Science and Art Corporation that resulted in success of the transition.


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